Half Man Half Biscuit Review

I went to see Half Man Half Biscuit last night for the first time (at Manchester Academy) and thought they were brilliant!

The first band that came on was Bushart (one of the Guests) and they were terrible. I can say they had 1 big fan from Germany – and i don’t think anyone else there liked them. HaHa! They weren’t appealing to me anyway!

The second support act were Calvin Party – who i knew of before. They were quite qood, but not as good as usual so my dad said!

The third band were the one i went to see – HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT. They came on Nigel, Ken, Neil and Karl! And were brilliant. Nigel had a bit of a problem with his Guitar pedal, and also a problem remembering the lyrics to ‘National Shite Day’ But overall brilliant!

They played alot of old stuff, and alot of new stuff!

Half Man Half Biscuits Website: www.hmhb.co.uk


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