My Tefal Quick Cup Burnt Out!

If you do not know what a Tefal quick cup is, it is a kettle that boils water as it pours it! It is said that it boils in 3 seconds!

Yesterday, we found out that it had been leaking and were going to take it back. We went into our lounge and watched TV, leaving the Tefal QuickCup plugged in.

After about two ours the Tefal QuickCup turned its self on, my Dad said “Why the hell has it done that?” and me and him ran to the kitchen. It was pouring pure steam, no water. My dad unplugged it and you could smell something as if it had set on fire inside. We don’t know what caused this!

I knew when it came on by itself it was obviously some sort of malfunction and we believe that the water that was leaking could of hit the circuit board and caused a chain reaction.

Now we have got to send it back – Do not deliberatly not buy one if you want one, please do. It may just be a fault in mine!


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