Nialls New Wyldryde IRC Chat Room

Hi Guys,

I have created a new IRC Chat room, it is #>random on !

This will soon replace #jamesmarshalls and has already replaced #duncan2!

If you have XChat then please set it up:

Channel: #>random

Please feel free to join, and if we see you there alot we will give you voice so when JMwebTV goes live, you will be able to spk and also appear at the bottom of the video!

I may post it on this website as a widget somewhere and also it will go on JMwebTV’s website! But when the live stream is online, only voiced users can chat!

In another blog post i will talk about how you can set up an IRC Chat room just like mine, Duncan Maile’s and Chris Pirillo’s using Wyldryde IRC Platform and XCHAT.

Cheers and Get Chattin’

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