Taesudo Martial Arts: No longer

As you may know i used to attend at a local kickboxing club, well you may know also that it is no longer existant!

Taesudo Martial Arts was formed by Janice and Karl as a joint partnership. They at first had two clubs: Silverdale and Hanford, but they shut the Hanford club down.

In the last 3 years though Karl has not been at the club. And it was just Jan. Eventually, the club had to move to Silverdale’s YOUR Library and now is closed.

I quote from the letter that Jan sent me: “I have been finding it increasingly difficult to continue working full-time and behind the scenes paperwork for licensing, insurance’s and gradings as well as teaching every week no matter how i feel.”

Taesudo martial arts was one of a kind: i don’t think it could happen again, yes i am sad that it ceased to exist this year. Not just because i miss the club, but because i am losing out on meeting the people there, who were great friends.

On the same day that i found it ceased to exist, i also found that i was graded 1st Dan (Cadet)… AKA Black belt.

I might join another martial arts club, i may not. Because i now get seriously bored on Wednesdays between 7:30 and 8:30

R.I.P. Taesudo Martial Arts


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