What do i do?

If you know me then you will know that most of my time is spent using my laptop. And it is true!

So you may ask.. What do i do?

Well i have been a computer geek for a long long time.. longer than people can remember. I have created various websites in my past and even starting on the FreeWebs Platform. The first website I had was niallontinternet. A no longer existing website. I have created loads of personal websites, computer websites, forums and even a punk website.

If you would have asked me what i did on my computer in 2005, i probably would have said that i spent alot of time on a football forum called TalkFootie.net, which no longer exists!

I like surfing the web – and trying out new things. I am always anxious to get the latest version of a program or a driver of some sort, thats what makes me a geek of course!

At the moment i spend alot of time using Facebook, Twitter and My Blog! even though i use Ping.fm to do my status updates!

I also spend alot of time on YouTube and watch alot of Duncan Maile and Chris Pirillo (AKA mobilephone2003 and lockergnome) and due to me watching alot of these it helps me learn more about computers. I am registered on Duncan’s forum (mob3) and Chris’ Social Network (Geeks).

Some people may know that i had a new laptop for christmas 2008, and this has enhanced my user-status. I have spent so much time tweaking Windows Vista.. and if you are interested in buying it. PLEASE.. PAY EXTRA AND GET MAC OS X lol :). Because in my opinion.. Vista is suicide! You may think different though and i may be some idiot geek-guy now hahahaha!

The punk website obviously didn’t go very successful! As not many veiwers came! It will cease to exist whenever my contract with 123-reg ends!

At the moment i am wondering whether to save up.. and spend that extra money on a MacBook or a Mac. It is seriously conciderable (Well.. would be if i had the money)

Ever since i started this blog in Jan 2009 encorpirating into it info about me.. updates and reveiws, also YouTube videos and projects etc. I have spent alot of time on it. Yes i may not get many viewers.. and may not get many comments! but it is worth the go..!



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