Get Free Blogger Skins

Have you ever found that the skins for your blog that blogger offers sucks! I mean, no offence to blogger but they do.. you got to admit it!

I use blogger because it is run by Google and nearly all my internet sites i use are Google related – YouTube, GMail, Blogger etc!

Well if you want to lets say.. “PIMP” your blogger blog for free – and all you need is the internet and 12kb of space on your hard drive!

The way it works is you head over to and choose the one you want (They aren’t for everyone but mine was from there!) – Then you have to download a zip file which contains a .txt document which is approximatly 12kb

To set it up you copy the text in the .txt and go to blogger and click on layout>Edit HTML then paste the new coding over the other one!

There is probably on the internet somewhere better themes for blogger blogs- But i haven’t found it yet so this is okay for me!

If you have any questions for me you can email them to me at and please check out my website at

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