Global Warming. Should We be Worried?

Global Warming is an issue that Humans have caused and i know that it is a bad thing and we want to develop more renewable energy but if we change now then how will that help? Seeing as how we have already caused enough damage to the atmosphere we cannot create more really can we?

Well in geography at school i have been doing about Oil and how we can be using renewable resources instead because of The Greenhouse Effect and also Global Warming.

My opinion on Global Warming is that we will become immune to it – as animals have lived through Climate Changes before – such as the Ice Age and i believe (you are probably gonna tell me i am lying) but i believe that evolution is already taking place in developing how we deal with Global Warming.

A recent study on the sun says that it has not alot of Solar Activity or Solar Flares, this means the sun is cooler than it was before – The question i ask is: Is this what the sun is doing to prevent earth being affected as much.

I know that we have a hell of alot of Greenhouse gasses and it IS warming up – but we have got to face the truth: We will get through this, and any damage to the atmosphere we have done is not going to reverse itself so easily!

I am now going to quote a verse from “Its Warming Up” by “TV Smith”

“And when the powers that be,
Finally wake up and see,
That they have to do something,
They’ll go on TV,
And proclaim the solution,
Just Might be in reach,
Because it’s warming up..”

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