My Top 20 Green Day songs of all time

Well, today as you may know Green Day’s new album “21st Century Breakdown” came out and i now have it and am quite suprised at it to be honest!

So in responce to this i am going to do a top 20 list of Green Day songs (It was also a request of Holly’s :P)


  1. Time Of Your Life
  2. Longview
  3. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  4. Walking Contradiction
  5. Basket Case
  6. Homecoming
  7. Welcome To Paradise
  8. Warning
  9. When i come around
  10. Minority
  11. I Was Alone (Dookie Secret Track)
  12. Maria
  13. Nice Guys Finish Last
  14. !Viva La Gloria!
  15. Misery
  16. King For A Day
  17. Christie Road
  18. Jaded
  19. At The Libary
  20. Know Your Enemy


  1. Cool My Top 20 Is

    1. Misery
    2. Blood, Sex And Booze
    3. Letter Bomb
    4. Longview
    5. Welcome To Paradise
    6. Brain Stew
    7. Whatsername
    8. Basket Case
    9. Castaway
    10. Going To Pasalaqua
    11. Nice Guys Finish Last
    12. Waiting
    13. Geek Stink Breath
    14. When I Come Around
    15. Hitchin A Ride
    16. Warning
    17. East Jesus Nowhere
    18. Minority
    19. F.O.D
    20. 21 Guns

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