TTMX – Some Major Changes


As you may know i am part of the management team at TTM Extreme and before i have talked about the changes there before on TTMX.If you havent read the post about the changes – you can read it here πŸ™‚

Anyway – one of the changes that we are doing is changing the theme. As i am rubbish at making them i couldn’t really help Mike and Alex with it :S but they have done a great job with it so far.

If you want to get a sneek preview you can go here to see it. Please dont use this as a main site though, as we are using this link whilst we are making it better. And it may have a few bugs at the moment. We will be making more improvements with it with discussions over skype and msn πŸ™‚

If you have never seen TTMX and would like to – check it out here

I will be making videos for it soon too and please if you are into gaming and want to be part of a community then check it out.

Thanks πŸ™‚


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