My Holiday will bring back a study

When i go on holiday for 2 weeks (starting October 7th) I will be picking up bits of information about where we stay and how Caleta De Fuste has died there. I did make some studying last time i was there but i dont think it was in as much detail as i wanted it to be.

I want to try and get photos of it, ask some locals, make a video and promote it to YouTube and all over my blog – Well, it is the best country i have ever been to and the culture there is brilliant – And to be honest if i suddenly got a few million i would move out there today!

I am going to be making notes, recording short videos (which i can put together) and interviewing some people that live there about there opinion on the subject.

Fuerteventura is dying because of things like “All Inclusive” hotels – I am going to make a campaign and you will know about it!

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