What I have found

As you may know i quit being an ICT Monitor at school recently and i am going to write why in this blog post.

A few weeks ago I started going to the Top Room in my breaks and dinners instead of going to IT and it made me realise about all the time i should be spending with mates – i was wasting on some lame computer system,

It wasnt until that week that i realised how many friends i actually had and alot of the people who go to the top room are probably some of the best mates i have ever had and they have made me happy because i was depressed and everyone has been there for me all along and i think it is great.

I quit ICT Monitoring mainly because what I was missing out on – I didnt realise who my real friends were until then and with this all happening i quit.

If you ask people who my best mates are they will probably say “Rob and Otis” but that isn’t true.

Thanks to everyone in the top room – you have made my life so much better (probably hard to believe but hey)



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