Paper Round Issues

If you know me, you will know i have a lot of problems with my back. I have been to the doctors about this on a few occasions, have been off of school because of it and have just made a doctors appointment about it.

Well, I have been forced to quit my Sunday Paper Round after only starting it last month. This has annoyed me as i needed money for my Holiday in October and also to last around the year. As we are in a recession anyway this is difficult. And I cant ask my parents for money because they recently bought me a Gibson Baldwin SG.

I am in a bit of a vicious circle – and I will hopefully work a way out to make money for myself. But This is all due to my annoying back. And if anyone asks yes, i am 13 and not 53!

Sorry about this annoying update – but it is part of my life and i felt that i needed to write it

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