Please just stop it.

Yes, i feel so strongly about what im on about that i am publishing this to my blog. This is so that everyone who reads this (either on my blog or on facebook) has no excuse anymore.

Please stop saying or asking “Do you spend all of your time on the computer?” this really annoys me.

I do spend a hell of a lot of time on the computer, I admit it – Everyone knows that i am a computer geek so stop asking on msn, via email and wherever else..

Can i just point out that half of the people who have asked me this have been people that are always online as well.. Now stop it! It really annoys me to have people saying “Your a geek” “Your a nerd” and so on.. not from the facts that they are names for me – but for the facts that they have got nothing better to do..

I do alot of things on the computer – I have all my social networks (eg. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo etc.), I maintain quite a few websites, I maintain this blog and i learn alot of computing stuff… Although you people only go on msn and facebook and stuff like that.

Stop saying i lead a boring life because you dont know what life i lead okay.. I like using the computer, being a geek and taking advantage of the internet.. That is what i do. Its just like me saying to people who skateboard alot or play football all the time “You just play football, what a boring life” but that is wrong. You choose what you want to do, not anyone else, I choose to spend my time online but that is my choice, if i have a problem with that i will stop doing it..

Now get out of my life you sad, sad people..

Feel free to comment to this post or whatever and i am going to say something here and this is my statement to everyone:

If you make any comments about me spending alot of time on the computer and saying i lead a sad life or whatever.. You will be blocked – That is the end of it okay, I dont want any more!

Get your facts right people – I like what i do and i like my life.. It may not seem right to you but it is what i do, GET ON WITH IT!

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