pl0x Gamers – This is a video about the website that I have been working on to meet Alex’s Standards where he will be providing reviews, Content, a set of forums, a chatroom and so on.. It will also contain gaming videos made by him from his YouTube channel..


I know it may sound like a stupid name for a site, and it probably is, but that was chosen by Alex Pickett who is the Content Manager for the site. You can see the website at the link I have provided above.. I know it is not a proper domain, We may be getting one but there was money issues at the time when we wanted to start up the site.

I have been working on it for Alex to make it the best as possible and he has been approving my ideas. As you can see I am the webmaster. As you probably know, I don’t know a lot about gaming so I leave the content to Alex :P.

So, moving on.. The site contains reviews, videos, downloads, a chat room, some forums, an about us page and a contact us page. There will be more categories soon.. I apologise that there are not many at the moment but there will be more, I promise :D.


See Alex’s YouTube channel at


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