My Thoughts on GeekShedIRC & Wyldryde

Okay, I have been a Wyldryde user for a couple of years now, and after all this time of usrbingeek running it, It has been bought out and alot of the IRC Ops have been bought together and made a new network (GeekShed IRC)..

I think that the fact that they took the Nickserv and Chanserv databases with them to GeekShed has pulled them all over to it. Chris Pirillo is now no longer a user of them either.

The fact was (what was said on usrbingeeks blog) was that usrbingeek wanted a lower role in Wyldryde and wanted to do more photography – well, now that Wyldryde have been bought out – all the users have gone to GeekShedIRC because they have all the databases..

I dont know what caused this decision, but from what I know – I think that usrbingeek should have said in Wyldryde.. Okay, I’ll let you guys take over and I wont be doing as much.. but now he has sold an IRC Network that is nearly dead…

Great one Wyldryde!!

Looking at GeekShedIRC – They look better. They have some decent ops with them, they dont have too many rediculas rules that Wyldryde had and the power system works brilliantly.. I hope it works out for them too.. and with Chris Pirillo with them, its looking good…


Niall Davies,

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