Adams Out – WTF?

I was browsing the “onevalefan” forums ( ) and I found this…

we’re ****. He’s ruinin the club. Bring back dean glover. Do1 happy clappers.

This post was by a user named “Finklebrowon the forums.

Now, Dean Glover didnt do a good job with vale, and Micky Adams is doing a good job, and he has previous experience at this level, just because he has had a few bad games, dosen’t mean it is Adams’ fault.

May I just say I love this reply to it:

Finkelbrow is obviously Dean Glover, or is related to today’s referee and we all know what he is.

That by rayzerxD

Thanks, and still – WTF? If you know of the reasons why Adams should be out – and cannot justify the good things he has bought from the club, then please comment. If you are thinking “WTF” like me, also make a comment

I just dont get these silly people… If we had the best manager in the world, they still wouldnt be happy…

Niall Davies,

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