In life, there are things you want to do, things you need to do and things other people want you to do. My hobby is computers (as you will know) and guitaring…

It pisses you off when members of my family take the mick out of my hobbies.. just because I spend alot of time on the computer.. friends seem not to care what I do, as long as Im happy and I like that.

Recently I have been putting alot of work into IRC, more than ever even.. and this means alot of my time is taken up.

Maybe Im just a saddo, who needs to get a life.. maybe i sit here writing this and people thing “what an idiot” and laugh..

I found out one of my friends has gone to the US without tellin me or other close friends.. and now i think he hates me.

I will write more, but i dont want to depress you too much…



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