Why should I have to show my ID?

Never again, not In my name..

Well, I have had my rebellious rants, and alot of them.. and today’s is going to be about how the world is falling apart and how (I believe) they are logging everything we do… dont let the bastards drive you down

Well, there is the old thing as showing your ID, to prove who you are – but now it goes further than that..

Everything you do is logged, when u search the internet – when you have a private phone call with a friend, when you are sitting with your mates chatting and even when your having a wank in your bedroom… somewhere, somehow you are being watched – And near enough every move recorded

Why do we live in a society like this? Maybe the UK should be an anarchist state.. Although that would never happen – Just remember dont believe anything the bastards say if you dont want to… Have your own mind. If you want to do something, go ahead and do it – That’s the way I have always lived………

Well, thats my rebellious “Anarchist” rant for the month and thanks for letting me get that off my chest

Niall Davies,


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