Well, Christmas was okay, not as depressing as I expected.

I got:

  • Toshiba Bluray player
  • Bush 22" HDTV 1080p (I had it early, but still, it’s a christmas present)
  • HP CB350 12.0 MP Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
  • An LED torch set
  • Surfs Up, Lion King 1,2,3 and Open Season Bluray disks
  • Green Day Classic Airwaves CD
  • Xbox Live Wifi adaptor
  • Sims 3 & Sega Megadrive Classics on Xbox 360
  • A copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
  • Lynx Africa Deodrant + Shower gel
  • Cadburys Selection box
  • Adidas Deodrant + Shower gel
  • Some AAA batteries
  • Joke book
  • Babes 2011 Calender
  • Lion King Book
  • Gold Chocolate Coins
  • Malteasers

But the two things that meant a lot to me (and made my day) were the two texts I recieved on Christmas eve night. So thanks to the senders (you know who you are).

I still wish I had a girlfriend, but I think I’m probably rushing into thinking that, so I’m going to stop thinking that and try and enjoy next year (Single or In a relationship). I hope 2011 is better than 2010.

If I think of anything else to write, I will. If you want to see photos of Christmas this year:

Niall x

Okay, this week has gone quick.. and it hasn’t really been that good to be fair =/

Nothing much has happened.. just involves me smoking, smoking weed, writing a few songs with the band, and having the police talk to me alot to just break up my family. Other than that, I’ve found out i’m going to see The King Blues in April next year and it’s good to have something to look forward to. I find out more and more that i don’t care about what people think, even to a point where my mum was saying "you just dont care do you" and i said "no". It may have made her cry but i’d rather tell the truth.  I’m a punk and an anarchist.. live with it – I write songs that rebel against the state and the judgement of politicians, and then later i go out and smash that state that I was rebelling about in my song. So other than the police being round, nothing much has happened, other than like i said.. i found out i’m going to see The King Blues in April.

A band a few of my friends are in.. "The Movement" performed in front of the school yesterday which was cool. I got lots of people to hold up banners with their band logo on it… and as one of my mates (Rob Wilkinison) is going back to live in New Zealand he went to get it signed by the band. The band is Kyle Powner, Marc Scarret, George Poole, Aidan Lockett, Oliver McNicholas.


I helped my aunty move house today (well, i did it to help out my dad).. but as you know i don’t really get on with family so it was "fun". Now im really tired, as i only had 3 hours sleep last night due to a friend who needed to talk on the phone til 5am. Friends are worth it, though.

Anyway, if i think of anything else i’ll publish it seperately.
Niall x

Ok, as the title says.. this weekend has gone too quick. It has been an eventful weekend too, Zimbaka now hosts its IRC servers for IRC.me.uk (yes it’s started again). This was due to a misunderstanding with Woomoo, and they are gonna merge into Sporks IRC and become Sporksmoo or something stupid like that. And JStoker was taking the piss out of my network’s name?

I discovered an awesome band this weekend too, The King Blues. I was introduced a while back by Rob but never got ‘round to downloading anything. I have now, and It was worth the hassle. I told my Dad and he tells me I’ve actually been to see them Confused smile.

I’m now busy working on a bot service for irc.me.uk (currently named Santa, but we are wanting a different name for it when it’s not christmas – send your suggestions to me – niall@davies.me).

Anyway, I still haven’t got a girlfriend to keep me company but a girl I know has promised me an early christmas present, so that should be nice.

Anyway, I’ll see you around.

Dont forget: irc.me.uk


Niall x

Okay I haven’t posted in the last few days and  I am sorry. I will try to go into more detail with things a bit later.

Zimbaka.com is moving forward, and as part of this we have merged our IRC network into Woomoo. You can still connect to one of our servers at irc.zimbaka.com / kewlio.zimbaka.com / shelfspace.zimbaka.com – And you will be able to for as long as the servers stay up (a while). The only problem with merging into Woomoo is that i’m on unfamiliar ground with charybdis IRCd. They may switch to IRCu soon though, as Alexandria told me anyway.

I did install FreeBSD and gnome onto my laptop but it failed as there was an ACPI error, so I had to wipe and go back to Windows. =[.

I’m still depressed as it’s still winter, and I’m actually going to sort some things out tonight that needed doing. If anyone needs to contact me urgently: niall@davies.me

If you’re not happy with Zimbaka’s movement forward, fair enough, but dont moan about it all over twitter like @edgy360.

Anyway, I better get ready for school,
Niall x

Okay, as I’m waiting for my download of FreeBSD to finish I thought I would make a post…

Today at school I had Biology, IT, Graphics and Geography.. and an overall "okay" day… The Biology lesson went alright as it was just listening to the teacher talking, IT was ok because I finished everything ahead of time (as expected, I am a computer geek =p). I did no work in Graphics really, as per usual and don’t get me started on Geography, for fuck sake its boring. I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even choose it as an option! I had a ciggarette or 2 in my breaks which I know is going against what I promised a few weeks ago – but I’m so depressed at the moment that it helps. I also missed form with a few friends (Rob and Brad) to have one.

Yesterday I realised that I annoy some people because I don’t actually think when I’m typing on IRC. Because I get mixed up between your and you’re or something. I’m sorry.. but that’s how I am. Live with it.

Last night my point was backed up.. That you can’t trust anyone off the internet to be who they say they are. People will always lie about their age, where they live, etc. But there is nothing you can do about it. This is the internet – It can’t be policed, as we have seen from the wikileaks incedent (Dan is now running a wikileaks mirror btw.. more info here)

I know I said I was going to put FreeBSD on my laptop today, but so far my plan has failed… Hopefully it is going to work as I try it now (Btw, I completely broke my laptop earlier by wiping it.. it had no OS. So i had to reinstall windows, and now I’m going to install FreeBSD from a USB Drive (if it works)… Thank god i’m a maniac, otherwise people would call me a maniac…

Thanks anyway,

Niall x