A message for everyone..

Okay, As you may know from the previous post, I left Geekoid IRC as an oper (read it if not by using the link above).. Well this is my personal notice from that..

I will not be joining any more IRC Networks now as an Oper unless an Awesome opportunity comes by. Also – I will not be accepting any more “Bot Admin” Requests. So Thanks, But no thanks.

The reason of this, is that I am currently doing GCSE ICT, Music, English and Geography so I have alot of work to do for school plus when I come home, I help manage IRC.me.uk, InfinityIRC and Owlserv and like to have freetime as well. Alot of the time things dont fit in, meaning I dont update my YouTube channel or Blog as often as i would like.

So there it is, a personal response. You know now why I am not active online as much as I used to be and have now stopped writing scripts for people. My work for everyone will not stop, It will just slow down for a while – May even do this until I leave school – And then resume to how it used to be. I will be working as hard as I can during School holidays though to get everything up to the mark.

Thanks for viewing this post, it means so much.. and I will be posting a review soon and more updates like this..

Thank you,

Niall Davies

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