My real thoughts..

Okay.. is a public post for people to see on my response to why I am so busy all the time..In fact I will blockquote it:

Okay, As you may know from the previous post, I left Geekoid IRC as an oper (read it if not by using the link above).. Well this is my personal notice from that..

I will not be joining any more IRC Networks now as an Oper unless an Awesome opportunity comes by. Also – I will not be accepting any more “Bot Admin” Requests. So Thanks, But no thanks.

The reason of this, is that I am currently doing GCSE ICT, Music, English and Geography so I have alot of work to do for school plus when I come home, I help manage, InfinityIRC and Owlserv and like to have freetime as well. Alot of the time things dont fit in, meaning I dont update my YouTube channel or Blog as often as i would like.

So there it is, a personal response. You know now why I am not active online as much as I used to be and have now stopped writing scripts for people. My work for everyone will not stop, It will just slow down for a while – May even do this until I leave school – And then resume to how it used to be. I will be working as hard as I can during School holidays though to get everything up to the mark.

Thanks for viewing this post, it means so much.. and I will be posting a review soon and more updates like this..

Thank you,

Niall Davies

Okay, so that is the professional side of me. This is the real side of me:

I have GCSEs that I am entering early: Assessment after Assessment after Coursework – Im even starting my GCSE in Geography apparently and I didnt ask to fucking do it..

I dont have enough free time – Thats why i hate school so fucking much. where as I would usually stay up to 5am working on projects – I cant on a fucking school day – If I stay up til 11 I get too tired too – WTF?!

I also try and spend time with friends in the offline world.. So those of you who want me to write scripts for them need to know that I actually have a fucking life!!

I was asked to continue to be an Oper at Infinity and I will, but i wont be as busy as I was, due to obvious reasons. I dont mind being an oper at because there is no work to do – The network runs itself and I like that..

Owlserv – I never visit.. Sorry owl i just dont have the time and meh

I really do feel genuinly sorry to the people I am not paying much attention too at the moment. but i feel like shit myself :/

At least I got my first hug of 2010 today from Chloe :D.. but thats a different story..

I have been depressed so-far in 2010 so lets hope it picks up as we get nearer to 2011 (I will be 16 in October 2011) so that should be good..

Anyway.. Keep on living.. Keep plodding along.. Keep Blogging.. Keep Serving for IRC, thats what I do..

Ta everyone,, I hope things will be better soon.


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