New Year, New Start

Ok.. so let me just say Happy New Year to you all! I thank you for coming to my blog, as you can see I am now on my new blogging network and everything has moved over.

So, a new year is a new start for

I have been working hard recently and asking people about the future of, as you may know we have a new feel of the main website and I have now added a blogging network and some free tools you can use.

These features are for me, friends and whoever else wants to use them – some of the tools are located on and – These are my friends sites and obviously you will realise that these are cool sites too.

The chat room has moved to Port 6667 channel #iNiall95 and if your not into that technical stuff you can join on my webchat.

Okay.. so this partnership with – what does it mean?

To be honest, It doesnt change the sites in any way – It just means that me and David Cookson will be working together on both sites and helping eachother out..

Also, I have launched (Not an IRC Net) It is a site which provides help with IRC (Anope Services, Modes, etc) and points you in the right direction for Networks, BNCs and other IRC services.

So, thank you for coming to my blog (again) and If you need a free blog, IRC help, a specific web tool, a chat with us, see some recommended people and sites, want to contact me or even learn more about me then is the place to go.

And yes, there IS more coming soon…

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