How to run mIRC in FreeBSD + Gnome

In this post I am going to explain how to install mIRC in FreeBSD with Gnome, using WINE.

okay, first things first – If you havent got WINE we need to get that..

Applications > Accessories > terminal

pkg_add -r wine

Wait until it has downloaded all the file (will bring up a prompt when it is done)

Please DONT close the terminal, if you already have then open it up again..

Then go to and download the exe file.

Once you have got it, go to the directory where it saved in your terminal (with the “cd” command eg. cd /usr/home/niall/downloads )

then type “wine <mIRCname>” replacing <mIRCname> with the name of the .exe file Including .exe at the end!

Okay, now it should bring up a set up file, set it up like you would in windows and you will find that the mIRC icon will appear on your desktop.

The only bug i have in this is sometimes if you are in multiple channels the names on the right hand side dont change.. Sorry about this >.>

Anyway. Happy Chatting!!

Niall Davies

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