New Stuff..

Okay I havent updated this in a while.. and there is alot to fill in.. But i have worked out alot over the past few weeks too.

February wasnt the “awesome” month as planned, hope this year brightens up a bit..

firstly I would like to say R.I.P to my uncle John, who died yesterday morning.. Also i would like to apologise to anyone i have annoyed cuz I cant think straight at the moment.

i tried to get Niall.TV done the other day but couldnt think  properly.. then today I had to set up VirtualIRC and that got a bit annoying..

Dan also shut his network down ( *shrugs* well, what do you expect..?

Went to castle on Monday with Otis, Ollie, Chloe + her friends and it was boring (no offence but meh) and yh..

Tuesday went out but couldnt be arsed with people cuz i dunno i just cant..

and the rest of the week i been sat on my arse mostly – Cuz there are a few things ( things i cant write here also ) so meh.

hopefully by the 1st March all my sites will have started and Zimbaka will have fully launched..

Sorry about wasting ur time again..



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