Some cool links…

Cool People On Twitter..


Cool People On YouTube..


Cool Sites to see..

Lockergnome – This is a blogging network of Geeks Run by Chris Pirillo

DuncsWeb – This is a community blog of Geeks who share posts giving you tech help run by Duncan Maille

Mob3 – This is a set of forums run by Duncan Maille

MegaByteTV – This is a network of tech enthusiasts who make videos on youtube, to share them with eachother.

Geeks – This is a social network for Geeks Run by Chris Pirillo – This is a cool site with integration to facebook and youtube maintained by David Cookson – This is a site with a collection of tools and information run by Daniel Austin – This is an awesome site run by a friend of mine called Alex Pickett

Chris.Pirillo.Com – This is Chris Pirillos Blog

Lockernerd – Free Hosting!! – Cheap Hosting

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