Guitar teachers that steal your songs..

Here is another rant from me.. ๐Ÿ˜›

Okay, i dunno if its just me in this situation but… me and Otis (as you may know) have been in many bands together and we were playing one of the songs we wrote when the guitar teacher arrived at school, so we showed it to her and we specifically told her not to tell anyone about our song or teach anyone it.

So, the next week we went for our guitar lesson and she got the other group involved and she made many changes to the song and told everyone it. She then told George that it was her song as she wrote most of it – And that me and otis werent good enough to play the song.. What gave her the right to mess with our song?

So, we went to speak to Mr Dawson who didnt really do anything but just told us the morale of the story basically and I will be speaking to her when she comes in next Monday. But after she told George that they were going to work on our song without me and otis on the next week which is fucking rediculas.. I dont care who it is – they arent stealing our song, and even the guitar teacher wont get away with it lightly.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.

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