I am whatever you say I am.

Okay, This post is gonna basically summarise what i’ve done while i didnt have a blog. Well, I started Zimbaka-IRC (and ZServ IRC Services for it) which is basically a place for me and friends (and anyone else that wants to come). Its basically just a place for me to chat to my friends :P.

Watched the England Match today and COME ON ENGLAND!!! we’re through to the next round :D.

And by the way, If you havent noticed my new motto in life it is “I am whatever you say I am” meaning, think what you like about me, because your view is obviously true. If Bob from down the local pub thinks im a rapist, let him think that.

I hope you like the new site, I did it all by myself. I hope to get a few more things here soon like an RSS feed on this blog, but have patience my friends.


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