Fuerteventura 2010.

Okay, this year I went to Fuerteventura again… stayed in the Caleta Amigos complex, Caleta de Fuste/El Castillo in a private property.

The house we stayed in was straight across from the Fado rock cafe, which we didn’t use, and round the corner from the town.

So, on the first day (and the first few days actually) we went for food at Lin’s cafe, which is very nice and on the way to the beach. (If you’re coming from “Chipmunk Hill”) otherwise, you’ll find it near to metropolis bar, and not far from Piero’s.

We ate twice at The Step Inn. Nice food there, the only thing I have to complain about is on the second time we went when they put the Ireland match on instead of the England one. It was right next to the Caleta Amigos, and so, straight across to the famous Fado Rock cafe.

We also ate at Rumours in Nuevo Horizonte (Costa de Antigua) which was very nice, and friendly people running it. It is found on the main “center” in Nuevo which isn’t hard to find, as its an abandoned er, “place”, to put it nicely.

We went out most nights to The Slap N Tickle, which is always a laugh – nice people that run it… Paul (Scully), Nat and Michelle. And great karaoke. The only thing I have to say is… it was dead after the last saturday we were there. So, i’ve sang a few songs on the Karaoke.

As i’ve already said, we went to Nuevo Horizonte (which means “New Horizon” for anyone interested) – It’s commonly known to tourists as Costa de Antigua (which means “Coast of Antigua”, simply enough). So, we walked across the front, fed a few chipmunks.. (I’ll probably upload the photos to the gallery later).

We didn’t spend much time in the house, we spent quite a bit of time in the pool and alot of time drinking and playing dominoes =]. We had Wifi, which we paid for from TouchMedia.. which i believe distribute Telefonica ES broadband…

I bought myself a new wallet, and tested it with a euro i had. And then, on the flight home, I gave the euro to the Thomas Cook Children’s charity. I have no complaints about the flight, btw.

While I was over there I read Dara o Briain’s “Tickling the english” and, started reading Frankie Boyle’s “My shit life so far”.

When we were in the pub, we met a man who was there on his own at 87. He fought in WW2. He was supposed to go home the day before, but his son was rushed into the spanish hospital with apendicitous. Obviously, the insurance will only pay for 1 person to stay out there with him, but the man wanted to stay with his daughter in law to keep her company. Anyway, we got him to sing, he was dancing on the dancefloor, and then we walked him to his apartment. When he came in on the Tuesday, he spoke to us and told us he was going home on the Wednesday and it happened to be on the same flight as us, so we took him to the airport, and got him home. He was a very nice man, and personally, I will do anything for anyone who faught in World War 2. I think his name was Tom Buttersworth, so if any of his family are reading, i’m the kid that helped him get home.

I think that is about it to write about my holiday, and my mum and dad are trying to pick when to go out again.



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