There is just not enough time in the world..

Okay, so I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog or site recently, and I haven’t been on IRC recently either, or done anything with Zimbaka to progress it forward. I do have plans for Zimbaka but dont want to release them yet as I have not confirmed them with myself or the other owners. I try to do this, try to keep active where Im registered (Duncsweb forum, facebook, twitter, etc.) and am finding it pretty much impossible to do these things these days. This is because of school work, time spent with friends, time spent on my new Xbox 360, watching telly etc.

So, why write this post? Well, this is mainly because Im bored right now and am waiting for Microsoft Office to install but also because I do care about the people who view my website(s) and who speak to me online and want to make sure that you know im not abandoning you or anything.

So, the main point… At the end of this week I am going to publish what I did on each day of the week in a post, so you can see what I get up to on an every day basis, this will include lessons I had at school and what I did at home etc, when I wasnt (and when I was) online.

Thanks anyways,


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