W/C 14/11/10

Okay, as promised a week in one post:

Played on Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo Reach, Kung Fu Panda and PES 2009.
Helped my mum and dad sort Ashleigh’s room.
Got some new clothes.
Watched TV with my mum and dad.

Went to school
Went to my nans, watched TV there
Played football with my brother Lee and his mates.
Had my tea at nans
Downloaded some films
Went on MSN
Watched Rhod Gilbert with mum and dad.

Went to school
Watched TV
Played with the dog
Went on IRC
Went to Vale (Port Vale 4-0 Dartford)
Watched TV with parents.

Got up late (08:00)
Went to school
Played on Blackops
Watched TV

Went to school
Went to my nans
Watched TV
Ate at my nans
Went home
Played on Blackops
Got annoyed at the internet (it died)

Went to school
Went to my nans
Watched TV
Ate my tea at my nans
Went home
Got annoyed at the internet (still dead)
Had an hour phone call with dan
Watched Children in need live.
Went to sleep at 1:30am.

Got up shockingly late (13:00)
Went to vale (Port Vale 2 – 1 Wycombe)
Ate tea
Watched Series 1 of the Young Ones with my dad (even though he fell sleep half way through)
Went to sleep at 1:00am

Got up at 11:30 ish
Sat downstairs with my dad
Helped Dad with some MS Excel stuff
Spoke to the Tiscali man who was fixing the line
Spoke to Katie.
Redid my website from scratch
Went on IRC
Installed SAM
Spoke to people online
Went to bed

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