Why cant we learn?

Okay, the last post i made had the song “Universal Soldier” embedded into it, and I wish to talk about this now.

Fighting a war, does not end all wars, we should know this by now from the first world war, or should i say “The war to end all wars”. The way we end all wars is we stop fighting them, now there are positive and negative points for saying this. Yes, alot of the worlds problems are solved by wars, like where America is gonna get its oil from (You think Im joking? well im not). However, in the 21st Century, or even in the 20th Century we dont go round invading countries like the Roman times so why do we need to do this?

Its hard to distinguish as there are different types of wars. Sometimes we need to go to war because the government are treating its citezens badly. To be fair, the only reason we havent declaired war on North Korea is because we dont know how dangerous they are, but surely they cant be as dangerous as America? WAIT, you have to be west on the map to own weapons of mass distruction dont you? because otherwise its dangerous? Give me a break, America is the most dangerous country in the world – North Korea may be run by nutters and they may have weapons of mass distruction but look at how George Bush was with America. I rest my case.

Soldiers who fight in wars are both heroes and murderers, depending on which way you look at things. Personally, I couldn’t kill a man and I wouldn’t give my life to my country. But, the soldiers who are out fighting the war are heroes for doing it, so that countries dont have to conscript, because thats what would happen if soldiers stopped volunteering. In a selfish kind of way, Soldiers are heroes because they go and fight a war so us civilians dont have to. It pains me to say this.

What i dont understand is, as a “perfect” creation, why do we point guns at eachother and aim to kill them? and how can you kill a man, and yet expect not to be killed? Once your dead, its all over. Its not like a game of Call of Duty where you can just “respawn” out of the enemy’s sight.

I cant understand wars, I hope someone can shed some light on it. The story on the war in Iraq (as i know it) is that Sadam laughed at 9/11 happening, America declared war on terror, it then changed somehow to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass distruction, and then we found out Sadam was treating the citezens badly so we killed him, and then we didnt find any weapons of mass distruction so we called it War on Terror again, and now I dont know what the reason is… Could it be that America want Iraq’s oil by any chance?

Im sorry if I have offended anyone, but its what I do, I write what I believe is the truth – feel free to comment below if you have anything to say.


Niall Davies

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