A few things..

Okay I haven’t posted in the last few days and  I am sorry. I will try to go into more detail with things a bit later.

Zimbaka.com is moving forward, and as part of this we have merged our IRC network into Woomoo. You can still connect to one of our servers at irc.zimbaka.com / kewlio.zimbaka.com / shelfspace.zimbaka.com – And you will be able to for as long as the servers stay up (a while). The only problem with merging into Woomoo is that i’m on unfamiliar ground with charybdis IRCd. They may switch to IRCu soon though, as Alexandria told me anyway.

I did install FreeBSD and gnome onto my laptop but it failed as there was an ACPI error, so I had to wipe and go back to Windows. =[.

I’m still depressed as it’s still winter, and I’m actually going to sort some things out tonight that needed doing. If anyone needs to contact me urgently: niall@davies.me

If you’re not happy with Zimbaka’s movement forward, fair enough, but dont moan about it all over twitter like @edgy360.

Anyway, I better get ready for school,
Niall x

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