There are just some people, who think they are my friend, and think they’re trying to help but they’re not… They are the certain people who will go out their way to prove you wrong, and they think they know everything. They lie to you about things too.

Its also the people who expect me to do things just because I have offered to help, when I want to do something, I’ll do it – Don’t tell me what to do, if I’m not being paid for it then fuck off. Seriously.

I have started appearing offline to most people on msn just because if I appear online to them, I will end up pissed off if they talk to me, I’m only appearing online to the people I want to speak to at the moment – And if I decide to /quit IRC for any reason – don’t try and follow me round, I’m not your kid, and It isn’t childish to do that – it’s called being sensible.

There is this one person however, who decides to piss me off over and over thinking he is right all the time and he isn’t, he will keep going on about things he is annoyed about, but he causes them. WTF?

You may know who I’m on about here, Think if any of it relates to how you treat me – but if you ask me if its about you, I’m going to say no, whether it is or isn’t you.

Sorry for my rant, I’ll go now.

Niall x

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