Well, Christmas was okay, not as depressing as I expected.

I got:

  • Toshiba Bluray player
  • Bush 22" HDTV 1080p (I had it early, but still, it’s a christmas present)
  • HP CB350 12.0 MP Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
  • An LED torch set
  • Surfs Up, Lion King 1,2,3 and Open Season Bluray disks
  • Green Day Classic Airwaves CD
  • Xbox Live Wifi adaptor
  • Sims 3 & Sega Megadrive Classics on Xbox 360
  • A copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
  • Lynx Africa Deodrant + Shower gel
  • Cadburys Selection box
  • Adidas Deodrant + Shower gel
  • Some AAA batteries
  • Joke book
  • Babes 2011 Calender
  • Lion King Book
  • Gold Chocolate Coins
  • Malteasers

But the two things that meant a lot to me (and made my day) were the two texts I recieved on Christmas eve night. So thanks to the senders (you know who you are).

I still wish I had a girlfriend, but I think I’m probably rushing into thinking that, so I’m going to stop thinking that and try and enjoy next year (Single or In a relationship). I hope 2011 is better than 2010.

If I think of anything else to write, I will. If you want to see photos of Christmas this year:

Niall x

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