Here goes

Okay, I know my last post was saying that I was moving my journal… But, Im going to continue using LiveJournal just because I like it…

Apologies that it has took me a year to decide this, I’ll just try and summarise the last year in a few paragraphs and then I’ll update this about today + yesterday after, in another post…

So, my friend Dazza died at the end of last year sadly, as I probably covered this journal with. In January, I lost one of my closest friends through unforeseen circumstances, basically she moved schools and refused to have anything to do with me sadly. However, I am speaking to her again now and I think we are just as close as we will ever be, we dont meet often but we talk online.

I’ve been in and out of bands, Im currently in a band called “North Career” but, I dont know whats happening with it due to recent events (I’ll explain in my next post).

Im still lonely, I’ve been accused of being a rapist twice (although one called the police about it) and believe me, its not nice when you walk around and they tell a close friend that Im a rapist.. And then your so called close friend believes them.

I dropped because it didnt have a meaning to me anymore, and I dont like Apple – and if i can find out a way i’ll be changing my username/subdomain here. You can now reach my personal website on,,,,, and – I feel really stupid about listing out those, cos i feel like i’ve used the close friend that bought me those.. if he even considers me as a close friend – I dont know anymore. The reason i kept and not .com is because its my first personal website domain.. and that reminds me, I need to check when it runs out.

Once again, I cant afford christmas.. And I hate christmas anyway (Sadly), this is because everyone seems to be happy and I dont. I just have to rely on my friends, who arent always there when you need them but I have to accept that people do other things.

My brother moved out of this house and in with his girlfriend in the year, but now he may be moving back in due to a possible split up between him and his girlfriend. I dont know the full story, so Im gonna shut up.

I started in hope to create a community of friends, and to share a few free services… The community of friends part worked when i moved the IRCd to IRCu and actually made Zimbaka-IRC, but the service promotion didnt, so It remains an IRC network. I have to thank Dan for making me the original Zimbaka site.. and again, I feel horrible for changing it now. I quit Infinity IRC as Senior IRC Operator & Services Admin because of the politics (I was genuinly stressed from it), and even though i have applied to rejoin I arent arsed. shut down not long after Zimbaka started, because of the conflict in interest (sorry to all the users, you can still use that link, it takes you to zimbaka).

I got so drunk earlier this year I passed out and had to go to the hospital, but I dont wish to talk about that.

I said goodbye to my Uncle John this year, who i really didnt have much to do with, but i wish i did now =/. I guess you cant turn back time.

We had a song that got stolen by our guitar teacher.. which pissed me off..

Im still striving for fame, and I will get there, Im just no further up the ladder yet *gulps*.

I think that is about everything major in the last year, If there is anything else I’ll talk about it….

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