Its winter, sadly.

I guess the only good thing out of Winter is you start another year. This year and last year have been very depressing and annoying years sadly, and I’m surely due a good 2011.

I’m currently annoyed at how people are asking me to complete stuff that I am working on. I’ll do things when I want, I’m just too… what’s the word… easy to boss around? that’s 4 words… Oh well. I need to change, but It’s just how I am.

Anyway, back on to the point of Winter. I hate Winter – Not only is it cold, but it seems to be where everyone around me is happy but not me. Not a lot of friends stick with you through the Winter because they’ve all got plans to see better friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or family. I hate Christmas, its the most depressing day of the year for me – As no one is around to speak to me, I am single, and everyone else has a boyfriend/girlfriend =/. I hope I find a girlfriend soon – I know you might be thinking I am going over the top because I’m only 15, but I wish I had someone to speak to, to hug and well, to be with.

I want to thank my true friends for sticking with me through last winter, as I hope they do this winter. Some friends have gone, but a few have stayed. Those are the people that get me through the winter – I couldn’t exist without my friends – I don’t get on brilliantly with family so they are the best thing I have got. But, sometimes it’s hard to know who your true friends are.

Anyway, Thanks for reading this.. If you have got this far – Congratulations.

Niall x

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