Life’s too short for a sonic boom activist.

Okay, this week has gone quick.. and it hasn’t really been that good to be fair =/

Nothing much has happened.. just involves me smoking, smoking weed, writing a few songs with the band, and having the police talk to me alot to just break up my family. Other than that, I’ve found out i’m going to see The King Blues in April next year and it’s good to have something to look forward to. I find out more and more that i don’t care about what people think, even to a point where my mum was saying "you just dont care do you" and i said "no". It may have made her cry but i’d rather tell the truth.  I’m a punk and an anarchist.. live with it – I write songs that rebel against the state and the judgement of politicians, and then later i go out and smash that state that I was rebelling about in my song. So other than the police being round, nothing much has happened, other than like i said.. i found out i’m going to see The King Blues in April.

A band a few of my friends are in.. "The Movement" performed in front of the school yesterday which was cool. I got lots of people to hold up banners with their band logo on it… and as one of my mates (Rob Wilkinison) is going back to live in New Zealand he went to get it signed by the band. The band is Kyle Powner, Marc Scarret, George Poole, Aidan Lockett, Oliver McNicholas.

I helped my aunty move house today (well, i did it to help out my dad).. but as you know i don’t really get on with family so it was "fun". Now im really tired, as i only had 3 hours sleep last night due to a friend who needed to talk on the phone til 5am. Friends are worth it, though.

Anyway, if i think of anything else i’ll publish it seperately.
Niall x

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