The last few days…

Okay, So the last post was about my life in the last year. The last few days have been quite depressing.

The police took away my computer yesterday as my Dad reported me as a missing person, I had been at a friends house and so I called my dad and he picked me up. The police want to know all sorts of details like where I was, but the only way they would find that out would be by tracking where my phone was (If that is even possible).

My brother might be moving back in to this house, depending on what happens between him and his girlfriend – his girlfriend owns everything in the house except the few things of my brothers (literally an Xbox, some clothes, DVDs, Xbox games, etc.)

So.. depressing really =/

I have to help my auntie move house next week which i don’t particularly want to do, but I’m going to have to… just because I’m nice like that. *blinks*.

Anyway, Thanks for reading, sorry for depressing you…


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