You’re chasing the sun away.

Okay, as I’m waiting for my download of FreeBSD to finish I thought I would make a post…

Today at school I had Biology, IT, Graphics and Geography.. and an overall "okay" day… The Biology lesson went alright as it was just listening to the teacher talking, IT was ok because I finished everything ahead of time (as expected, I am a computer geek =p). I did no work in Graphics really, as per usual and don’t get me started on Geography, for fuck sake its boring. I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even choose it as an option! I had a ciggarette or 2 in my breaks which I know is going against what I promised a few weeks ago – but I’m so depressed at the moment that it helps. I also missed form with a few friends (Rob and Brad) to have one.

Yesterday I realised that I annoy some people because I don’t actually think when I’m typing on IRC. Because I get mixed up between your and you’re or something. I’m sorry.. but that’s how I am. Live with it.

Last night my point was backed up.. That you can’t trust anyone off the internet to be who they say they are. People will always lie about their age, where they live, etc. But there is nothing you can do about it. This is the internet – It can’t be policed, as we have seen from the wikileaks incedent (Dan is now running a wikileaks mirror btw.. more info here)

I know I said I was going to put FreeBSD on my laptop today, but so far my plan has failed… Hopefully it is going to work as I try it now (Btw, I completely broke my laptop earlier by wiping it.. it had no OS. So i had to reinstall windows, and now I’m going to install FreeBSD from a USB Drive (if it works)… Thank god i’m a maniac, otherwise people would call me a maniac…

Thanks anyway,

Niall x

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