‘Happy’ new year

Well, it’s 2011… I’ve got to say, my expectations aren’t that high for this year because of how bad 2010 was. In terms of the government, people are gonna get screwed out of jobs and out of money, and times are hard. There was a person in my chatroom however, who said that 2011 wasn’t going to be good because they were cutting all of his obviously ‘hard earned’ benefits. And he actually said there were no jobs available, i’ll let you know, there are plenty of jobs.

I hope 2011 brings happiness to my life, but I doubt that will be true. I had some good presents for christmas, and I have wonderful friends + family, and I own everything that could possibly keep me happy. My problem is i don’t feel complete without having somebody to love :(. I had a conversation with a friend about this who told me ‘you’re still young, don’t worry about girlfriends’ but I do worry about things like that, I may be young, but i still want someone to cuddle, someone to look after, and someone to be looked after by.

I was supposed to do lots of school work over these holidays but I haven’t done much. I’ve just done the bare minimum with my science, and that’s because i’ve got a lot on my mind lately.

Vale won 2-1 today, a good game i suppose, except for the ref who was a complete wanker. Micky Adams has left to go to Sheffield, which is a pain in the arse. And the board aren’t talking to Mo Chaudry about a club investment, which they should be. Following all of this, the Vale lost 5-0 on Friday.. but like I said, today we won 2-1. And Richards was sent off…

There is still a person I very much miss and want back in my life, but I know I’ll never get them back so I don’t know why I bother wasting my energy on them. It’s just my natural way of thinking, because I love them I suppose.

If I think of anything else to put, I’ll put it.. School tomorrow, which could either be good or bad.. I know I want a hug, whatever happens.


Niall xx

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