Laptop in repair…

So, if you hadn’t seen on my twitter.. My laptop broke down on me the other day, as it started overheating when i was playing youtube videos. There was one big problem, the fan wasn’t speeding up when the tempreture was reaching a certain point – And so the laptop kept turning itself off.

The next day, I powered on my laptop and noticed that in speedfan, the tempreture was now increasing 25C when playing a youtube video (and that’s before the video had ended) and It lead to me re-checking the fans speed to realise that the fan wasn’t working at all.

So, my laptop is off to be repaired on Sunday and it is scheduled to be back on the 9th March. If you have problems getting in contact with me, I’m still active on twitter (@MrNiallDavies) and I still read my emails (



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