Windows key shortcuts (for PC users)

Here is a list of all the Windows Key shortcuts: (Obviously these only work in a Windows operating system and if you have a Windows keyboard)

WINDOWS KEY [On it’s own] – Start Menu
WINDOWS KEY [+E] – Opens a new Windows Explorer window.
WINDOWS KEY [+D] – Minimizes all windows and shows your desktop.
WINDOWS KEY [+D] – Restores all windows.
WINDOWS KEY [+F] – Displays the find all files dialog box.
WINDOWS KEY [+L] – Locks your Windows computer.
WINDOWS KEY [+M] – Minimizes all Windows.
WINDOWS KEY [+Shift+M] – Restores all the open windows how they were before they were minimized.
WINDOWS KEY [+R] – Displays the RUN command dialog.
WINDOWS KEY [+Pause/Break] – Displays the System Properties dialog box.
WINDOWS KEY [+Tab] – Cycle through buttons on the task bar.
WINDOWS KEY [+U] – Displays the Utility Manager.

Surprisingly, I still get asked alot about the Windows Key Keyboard shortcuts.



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