Apple fail.

Okay, i’ve had this argument many, many, many, times… and no one is gonna turn me, because apple do fail, and it’s painful to see what they “corrupt” people with.

Here’s some reasons why:

1) All apple hardware is old
yes, that’s right, all apple hardware is old. They claim to be the best in mobile phones, tablets, and computers, but how can they be, when their hardware came out in PCs months ago? Also, i could get a PC with the latest technology for less than I could with one of Apple’s “latest” computers, and get newer hardware. Also, you only have to look at the iPhone for a second. The iPhone 3 was the first iPhone to get video recording, and the iPhone 4 is the first iPhone to feature a 5 megapixel camera. Phones had 5 megapixel cameras in, 2007. Get with it, Apple.

2) The Operating System sucks.
Well, this one is down to opinion I guess, but i’ve used Mac OS X. And it makes me feel thick. I like to be in control of the computer, not the computer to decide what it’s doing. Also, It’s a broken version of FreeBSD 5, the version that FreeBSD (and many of its users) don’t like to mention because it failed that much.

3) What the fuck with the price?
I’m sorry but If I had that much money to spend on a mobile/tablet/computer I’d buy one that I know works. Like an android device, a windows tablet, and yes, a PC.

4) The lack of choice.
If i want to get a new windows PC, or android device, I can browse stores, search online, and I have hundreds (possibly thousands) to choose from. But if i want to use Apple’s OS i’ve either got to hack my PC and breech Apple’s dreaded EULA, purchase some old hardware (as mentioned before), or if i’m after a phone, i’ve got to buy their product!

5) Apps have to be approved by Steve…
This one really pisses me off, If i want to get an app, i’ve got to see if it’s approved by steve first.. otherwise they won’t let me run it on the phone or computer.

6) Windows 7 is so much nicer.
End of.

Some other facts…

  • about 5% of computers run apple OS, over 90% microsoft OS…
  • apple: 3 mobile phones, android/symbian/windows phone: hundreds of phones
  • if you’re willing to pay that much for a computer.. consider buying a dell or sony vaio.
  • if you’re willing to pay that much for a phone, consider HTC, blackberry and Nokia.

Rant over.

Niall 🙂 x

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