Catch up

Okay, i’ve been silly and haven’t updated here in a while – but due to a friend updating theres… i’ll update mine.

This post is mainly gonna be a catch up from last time.

I still haven’t got a girlfriend, but i don’t think it bothers me /as much/ as it used to. I think i have just learnt from what other people have told me – that I’m young and it doesn’t matter yet. I stopped thinking about the person who I used to always want back – but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them, it just means i’ve give up trying =/.

I sat my English Language GCSE in January and passed (got a B) which means I don’t have to do English Language again – Just got English Literature to do. I did my Science module 1 exam and got an A which I was surprised about. I have to do my Maths, Science (Unit 2) and Geography exam next month (after this half term).

I got arrested this January for shoplifted and since i’ve had to speak to T3. Luckilly, i’ve just finished speaking to them as I’ve managed to go 3 weeks without alcohol, ciggarettes or weed. I hope to keep a ciggarette and weed free future – And I’ve cut down my alcohol intake majorly. I also haven’t had any involvement with the police since that event.

Me and my family still aren’t on the best of terms, but I manage to get on with my mum and sister ok so i’m fine with that. I try not to have anything to do with my Dad if i can help it.

Continuing from what i said about the new band i discovered, The King Blues. They’re now one of my favourite (and most listened to) bands – I went to see them at Manchester and i’ve now got their latest album "Punk & Poetry" which i think is amazing. I’m also in a band myself these days (Burnin D Zire) with a few friends; Otis, Adam and Billy. It is good because it helps to keep me occupied.

I’m not speaking much to Rob anymore as we fell out due to a drunken argument – and he decided to call me a rapist, which I don’t forgive for. I try to avoid him when i can – and i don’t give a shit if he reads this to be honest. is still up and running – but chat has moved to #dan (although it’s mainly dead). I think I’m guilty of asking people to do too much for me lately, and i’m trying to do more stuff myself. I moved twitter accounts for a few reasons – but lets not go into that and today I joined forrst.

My granddad is currently in hospital with pneumonia and a water infection – the doctors said he will be in for another week but i’m not banking on it. We’ll just have to see.

Managed to set up my own nameservers today + last night (thanks to tje). So now i have, and

I think thats about it, if i think of anything else to put, i’ll add another post. See you tomorrow, hopefully.

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