life, as it goes

Recently i’ve been thinking a lot about a certain person in particular, maybe i’m just wasting my time i don’t know.

My laptop is currently in repair, and will be until friday, and i’m waiting for a wifi adapter to come so i can use the internet we pay for in this house. Until then, i’m using my dad’s mobile broadband… so i’m on bandwidth restrictions :-(.

It seems to me that certain people only come to me when everyone else walks out on them, i don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing – but certain people will tell me i’m a good friend and everything but only when no one else is around. These same people will invite other people to places but not even think about inviting me – whether i’d accept the invitation or not.

got a text from an ex of mine the other day saying sorry, which is quite random, i don’t know what she is apologising for, but whatever it is, it’s probably too late now.

Anyway, thats it for now – i’m gonna try posting here every day but we’ll have to see.

Niall x

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