Are we killing music?

Okay, before I start this post I will admit that i am being hypocritical, by using Spotify whilst writing this post, but still, my point will go up here…

I appreciate that anything you own, can be distributed, traded, lended out, and you can physically hold it and say it is yours. With Vinyl (which audiophiles will love me for mentioning), you had all of this. You owned the album. You could let other people borrow it, you could trade it, you could sell it, and the actual album was yours. With CDs, although people weren’t to happy with the analogue to digital switch in music, you were able to still own a copy of an album, that you could do what you wanted with. Personally, I like owning CDs even if it is annoying to store them, and even if i do rip them to 320k mp3s. I still feel that I own the album. I can trade it, sell it, lend it to a friend or whatever. Surely that’s what it’s always been about? In the days of MP3, music is being taken away from the ownership of people, and more of a digital trade. This could be good, or bad… MP3s however, could still be traded, shared, burnt to a CD or whatever. However, you didn’t own a physical copy of it. You may have a hard drive with that on, but you don’t physically own the album you “downloaded” whether legally or illegally. By the way, illegal downloading is wrong, it is a crime that you can be prosicuted for, and it makes new/small bands struggle. So don’t do it. With Spotify now though, you don’t even download the MP3 really, you can just listen to it by streaming, and even if it’s for offline use… you can only use that for Spotify… You don’t ever actually own the music that you want to listen to, and as someone that highly appreciates music, and the music industry, it makes me wonder whether we are killing what used to be a great thing. Maybe it’s more convenient to just download the tracks and listen, but I never feel as if i own something unless i can physically touch it, trade it, sell it or whatever. Which is why I more often than not buy CDs.

I may be wrong in my rant, but It was an important point to get across.


Niall ‘fat’ Davies.

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