I don’t even know if there’s a title for this?

Well, it’s my birthday soon, gonna be 16. And yes, that means I’m gonna be legal. There must be no God!

Some people confuse me, some people have pissed me off, and it turns out you can’t tell even your family things in confidence, because the next minute, the whole street knows. Band practice was good yesterday though, so that’s a good point. Otis just needs to work on his singing, lyrics knowledge and especially his confidence. I think if he gets his confidence up he’ll be better with his singing.

What I may do, is invite some people to our next practice, but I don’t know yet, we’ll have to see – as transport there could be an issue. Can’t invite more than 3 people otherwise they’re gonna think we’re planning a gig… haha. Don’t want to take mum+dad either though because i smoke.. I know someone’s gonna say “simple, give up smoking”. But, it’s not that easy.

Life’s going well i suppose, not brilliant, but it never is. For a pessimist, I’ve been very optimistic. Although, I think some things may be happening too fast for me to handle right now. I just need to have a couple of days break to deal with things. I spend my time pushing towards these things, and then can’t handle them when the opportunity happens it seems… but, I’ll get there.

The world is a twisted circle, yes, there is no room left for fate. But if we keep pushing we will get a better life, we will get a better world. A world where people won’t discriminate. Where the police don’t oppress the nation but we still have good enough discapline. A world where you don’t have to work until you’re old. I’m part of a movement, and we aint gonna stop. And this is why i wrote this poem:

You will never beat our anger,
You will never take us down,
We’re the only fuckers left,
In this sad and lonely town.

This place now reminds us,
Of the better time to be.
When “The Clash” wrote “Cut the crap”,
And the “Pistols” played for free.

Its time for an uprising,
And there’s blood to be shed,
The news came through this morning,
Bin Laden’s finally dead.

But we don’t believe in that crap,
Because nobody even saw it,
And America started the war for oil,
And revenge, well, we’re all for it.

It’s ok for you to say,
Who’s right and wrong to die,
But you just read the newspapers,
And they’re all full of lies.

Because Murdoch owns them all,
He’ll tell you what to think,
He could get the whole country,
To dance and dress in pink.

So you join the racist groups,
Cos you need someone to blame,
You say politicians are innocent,
You should hang your heads in shame.

And protesting is wrong,
You dare not step out of line,
Because your parents bought you up that way,
And you’re best mates with the swine.

But you cannot turn to the police,
Because the police dont give a damn,
They’d punch you in the face,
Well, Just because they can.

But we people stand together,
We fight for a better world,
Listening to “The King Blues”,
Doing things that are “obsurd”.

But the papers call us names,
“Animals”, “yobs”, “thieves”
But you will see for yourself,
Only the middle class they can decieve.

But the middle class are always right,
On panarama, crimewatch and the news,
There’s no place for the protesters,
Where they can share their views.

So when you just don’t listen,
It makes us all fight back,
And its sad that it ends,
In some violent attack.

You shouldn’t involve innocents,
But that’s the way you’re heard,
Because the police are sitting in the station,
Talking about ‘fit birds’…

And you wonder why the people,
are all so full of hate,
When you spent your whole night watching porn,
Having “real or fake” debates…

Because life is perfect for you,
Your on 70 grand a year,
And your best mate has got nothing,
He spends all day drinking beer.

But as long as you covered your own back,
You can call other people ‘gay’.
Because you’ve ran out of insults,
And you think this is okay.

But You will never beat our anger,
You will never take us down,
Even if we are the only fuckers left,
In this sad and lonely town.


Niall ‘fat’ Davies.

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