Just an update.

Okay, so this blog has never really had a purpose… it’s just been my place to share with the internet… and I’ve never kept it up to date regularly. There are some posts I regret doing that are still online in the archives and the reason I’ve left them there is that they’ve already been read, and so, no point deleting them now.

This blog started as a mess about area, moved to a center of technology tips and updates, became a base for my youtube videos, had many personal posts which i probably shouldn’t have shared online, and it’s also had political updates every so often. The reason I generally don’t comment about politics is I would never finish, and I’d end up making big rants and arguments with people I didn’t know online.

So anyway, this is not saying that I will keep this place up to date, because this post will probably stay the most recent post for a while, and God, people might not read it, but this is just an update on things that have happened and things that are possibly to come…

What I’m considering doing is sharing my day to day politics rants on here, despite previously deciding not to, I might update on some band stuff (and my solo stuff, that I’ve been working on on youtube) and just generally keep people up to date with me. It doesn’t bother me if nobody reads this, but it gives me something to do and I think I may as well share my world with everyone else.

So the band has gone through a few names, we’re back as North Career now, Billy was kicked out by us because of his lack of comitment, and Adam left because he wasn’t really into punk music. You can probably get more about that from www.northcareer.co.uk or on the north career facebook page. So now anyway, Otis is lead singer and guitarist, I’ve gone back to bass and Aidan is on drumkit. If you didn’t know the status of how we got there from the ORIGINAL lineup, just comment and I’ll explain. I have to thank venombase studios because they’ve provided something we as a band didn’t have before, and thats a reliable place to practice… it’s only ¬£19.80 for 3 hours practice, and you get to use the equipment free (drumkit, PA, guitar amp, bass amp). It’s excellent, seriously… Anyway, I hope, with the rest of the band that this work will pay off and we should get a gig soon. If it doesn’t go well, who gives a fuck? not me haha…

I’ve gone through my rough patches, a lot of them family things which I refuse to discuss online because despite fallings out, I don’t want it to be public knowledge about my personal life. I’m smoking again, I drink every few weeks, and that’s due to being stressed with life, but also due to school and the band work that I’ve got to keep up with. It’s even got to the point where I’ve asked myself if I want to keep the band going, and of course I do. music is my life, why would i give up on it… haha.

My gcse results so far btw…
English Language – B
Maths – B
Core Science B1,C1,P1 – A
Core Science B2,C2,P2 – A
Geography – B
Yes, I’m surprised too….

I’ve sorta give up on zimbaka, and thats why the website has never been completed. Maybe i will complete it. I don’t even know if my DNS works still, I don’t check it. Unless I get interest in the Zimbaka project again, I’m putting all my focus into music right now.

It makes me laugh when I read some old posts about certain people, and I think to myself, “why did i put that” or, “as if i was like that”. I’ve been in bad places, but now what can i say, In the words of charlie sheen, I guess I’m Winning.

I’ve tought myself something good over the past few months, and thats that you only get one life. Life is for living. You should love the life you live, and live the life you love. And I believe that “Life’s for living and not for working”. If being a musician doesn’t get me anywhere, I’d just have to get up off my arse and try again. It’s got to a point, due to one reason or another, that I would prefer to die than go do a job every day. I don’t believe in the “sleep and work” mentality. And I refuse to do what these bastards try and tell me. I will do whatever I want, as people have already heard and seen from me. These GCSE results don’t mean much to me. To me, they’re just peices of paper. I’m going to go out there and do what I want to do, whether other people like it or not. Whether it’s right or wrong. You’ve got to take your opportunity and go for it, and if I lose everything, who gives a fuck. I had fun trying.

Okay I said I wouldn’t mention names or get personal, but it seems I am…

If I end up like my Dad, I will kill myself.

That’s not a threat. That’s a promise.

On that note then, I think I’ll end this post…
If I have anything else to put later or tomorrow or whatever, I’ll put it…

Have a nice life,


Niall “fat” Davies.



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