Happy New Year.

And by the way, the world isn’t going to end…

Anyhow, happy new year everyone, Lots to be going on in 2012. 2011 wasn’t a bad year as such, I wouldn’t say it was a good one either. I think everyone has learnt new things from 2011, to bring into 2012. I know I have. It’s the time when we forget all the crap we got last year and move forward, on to better things. Last year was great though, I worked with two different bands, I recorded a few tracks to YouTube and I got a fair few viewers on them. I’m looking into getting an album out this year, and hopefully I’ll do that. As you probably all know, I’m releasing ‘Do you remember you?’ as a free download on the 20th January, so be sure to check that out. I’m sorry I didn’t update the recording diary, but i didn’t really do much in terms of recording… Getting back on track today though and hopefully gonna record some keyboard for the track.

Love you all!

Niall Davies x

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