Projects/partnered websites and services

Eden IRC
Eden IRC is a service that provides IRC help for everyone, It also hosts the Eden mIRC Bot which has been scripted by us and – And various other people who have helped.
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Illusion Radio helps with the running of Illusion Radio, and our very own Niall Davies is a DJ there every Friday at 8-9 PM GMT (More info here)
Click here for Illusion Radio 🙂 Blogging Network blogging network is a network of blogs, made for friends and for Niall to share a blog with the net for free, giving you 10mb of free storage space on it and a full WP-Admin system. It is run using WordPress MU.
Click Here to see 🙂 was a network launched for a group of friends so they could keep in touch and it lead to Niall moving the chat room there. It is not intended to be commercial, but if you want a chat room on the network – Just ask an oper.
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Infinity IRC
Infinity IRC is a commercial, easy to use IRC Network which is helped run by Enterprises and our own Kieran Hancock and Niall Davies are staff there, also Jordan Perkins (Eden IRC Bot Staff) Co. Owns the network.
Come see us here 🙂 is a website that contains free tools that you can use. It is also a partner site to and is owned by our very own David Cookson
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